cipolla dorata
di banari

2023 Edition
Saturday 22nd July
Banari (SS) - Sardinia

Sagra della cipolla dorata di banari

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The banari's golden onion

La Cipolla Dorata di Banari , as the golden big onion that born only in Banari, is the most famous product of the Banari village.  This is a local type of onion that was planting here for generations and with unique organoleptic properties.  Its shape is so characteristic that you can immediately recognise it: the bulbs are big, flattened and a bit concave on the top. This big onion can weight from 400 gr to more than 1,5 kg.  Its layer are shine and golden outside and white inside, Its taste is unexpectedly sweet and, for this reason is perfect to use in different way when you cook. You can also store it for a lot of time, but in a dark and dry place. 

In the past the plantation of the Banari’s Onion was…

very thriving: it was planted in fields of the village and sold in the marketplaces of all North Sardinia and not only.  After, around the 1950, it denotes a considerable decreasing of the onion production, maybe due to the lack of generational turnover of the farmers and the progressive abandonment of the fields.  since this period, the Banari’s Golden Onion became a niche product that you can taste mainly in Banari and at the Banari’s Onion Festival, born in the 2003. The Banari’s Onion is very famous in all the region and in Italy. In fact you can find it inside a lot of ranks of the best italian onion. 

As all genuine and healty veg food, this onion is a seasonal product that you can harvest and eat only in summer. So, you can’t miss to taste it in july at the Banari’s Onion Festival!

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a surprising sweetness


Raw, in a pan, omelette or in the oven…

The Golden Onion of Banari, thanks to its sweet taste and delicate aroma is the perfect original touch for your recipes!But it can also be the protagonist of your dishes, served alone in all its majesty: just split it in four, add oil and a pinch of salt, put it in the oven for half an hour and here it is, just baked: a huge and seductive caramel flower with an unmistakable scent.


From seed to onion

A sustainable production process

Late August
The farmers plant the seedbed

The seeds obtained from the previous cultivation are planted inside the seedbed. Before the planting the soil was fertilise with the mature manure (no fertilizers) and waterd with care.  The new baby plants will stay here to grow calmly for 60 days.

Prepare the soil

While the baby plants grow up in the seedbed, the farmers plough the fields. 

Seedlings are transplanted into the soil

It's time to move! The baby plants are grow and now change their home. From the seedbed they are plant into the soil, where can grow even more and become big.

November - July
Waiting and caring for plants

At this time the plants grow by themselves, but they are also need sombody expert that take care of them with love and water. Gradually the plants become big and the farmer have to move the soil close the bulb to facilitate its development.

Ready to collect

The autumn passes the baton to the winter and spring, as long as summer comes... That's it! We are ready to collect our Banari's onions. Onions are harvested strictly by hand.

22 July
We wait for you in Banari!

After all this hard work, it's time to taste our succulent, sweet and fresh onions. Do you also want taste them with us and - maybe - buy some to take with you at home? We wait you in Banari this summer at the Banari's Golden Onion Festival! 

Farmers prepare seeds for the following year

Like all great stories, this one too has a hidden ending... while we're cooking our onion in our cozy kitchens, silently the farmers take care of this amazing natural productive cicle and prepare the seeds for the cultivation of the next year. Some selected bulbs are left to over-ripen until to bloom. Then, the farmers collect the seeds from the onion's flowers and dry the in the sun for 2 or 3 days. After this period the seeds are ready to are planted into the seedbed.  The seeds are natural, not hybrid, and you can't find them at the market. They handed down from generation to generation.


The programme

Banari (SS) - Sardinia

22 July 2023

ore 08:30

  • Hiking on the “Pala ‘e Idda” hill. Starting from the Info Point in Piazza Umberto I, Beniamino Carta will guide you in a charming and easy tour around the hill of Pala ‘e Idda, towards the hidden “Pinneta” (the ancient hut of the shepards). It’s recommended to wear comfortable shoes and bring with you a bottle of water
  • Mountain Bike tour. Starting from the Info Point in Piazza Umberto I, the Trumabikers sports association will guide you in an exciting mountain bike tour around the country and the fields of Banari. The tour is an initiative in memory of Luca Melis (passed away 20 years ago). The fee to partecipate is 10 €, lunch included

You can download here the relaese -> bike tour realease

You can dowload here the map of the tour and the uphill info -> Map        and     Uphill info

  • Opening of the art exhibition “Identità della Sardegna” (Identities of Sardinia) by the Logudoro Meilogu Foundation. The show is in Piazza Solinas

h 12:30

  • “Aperitivo” on the onion fields. In Via Sassari, Pasquale and Maria will welcome you on their onion patch to taste local wines  by Vigne Deriu, cold cuts by Salumeria Cadoni, local cheese and Focaccia bread with Banari Onion made by the Pinna bakery in Banari. (Price: 5€ per person)

h 13:30

  • Lunch. In Piazza Umberto I, you can eat something at th Proloco di Banari Stand. The set munù include: roasted sausage and Banari onion, salad, bread and fresh drink. 

h 14:00

  • “Libri all’aria” (Open air library). In the charming location of “Sa Caminera” Promenade, you can relax you in the shade of the olive trees, reading a good book away from the summer heat. The event is organized in collaboration with the Pubblic Library of Banari

h 18:00

  • Tric&Trac. In Piazza Gramsci (known also as Piazza della Palma) You’ll playing with all the family and discover the timeless beaty of the ancient and traditional wooden toys. It’s a Tricrico Trick&Track event. 

h 18:30

  • Sagra della Cipolla di Banari official opening, in the precence of the authorities, associacions and with the partecipation of the folk dance group S. Maria di Bubalis – Siligo.  Special Guests: the famous “tenore” (singer) Francesco Demuro and the  Chef Luigi Pomata. A fter, the first award ceremony of the “Cipolla Dorata di Banari”, the luxury sculpture-award made and give to Banari by the important Artist Giuseppe Carta (find out more about Carta here); prize-giving of the others awards and of the first place for the biggest Banari Onion of the year. 

h 20:00

  • Show cooking with the Chef Luigi Pomata (find out more about Pomata here)
  • Opening of the food stands with the associations of Proloco di Banari, Thiesi, Usini, Uri, Villanova Monteleone, Comitato San Lorenzo Martire.
  • Live music with Sintonia

h 23:00

  • Dj set with Marcellino

During the day, you can also discover how to make the natural soap with the local olive oil of Frantoio Delogu – Ittiri.


The art show “Identità della Sardegna” (Identities of Sardinia) by the Logudoro Meilogu Foundation

The first "Cipolla Dorata di Banari" award (sponsored by the artist Giuseppe Carta)

Show cooking & food tasting with the Chef Luigi Pomata

Francesco Demuro special guest of the Sagra della Cipolla Dorata di Banari Festival


Main dishes

  • The Chef serves

    Malloreddus (tipical type of pasta) with Banari Onion’s cream , pecorino cheese fondue, crispy ham, bread, wine or water

  • Pro Loco Uri stand

    Ravioli (dumplings) filled with ricotta cheese, served with onion soup with saffron flavored, “purpuzza” (the meat of sausage), ricotta mustia (smoked ricotta cheese), bread, wine or water

  • Pro Loco Banari stand

    Roasted Sausage and Banari’s Onion, bread, wine or water

  • Pro Loco Thiesi stand

    Roasted veal with potatoes, sweet and sour onion, Impanadas (as a typical savory mini-cake) filled with meat, bread, wine or water

  • Pro Loco Usini stand

    Vegetable meatballs, pecorino cheese with onion marmelade, bread, wine or water

  • Pro Loco Villanova Monteleone stand

    Potato and onion pastry, pecorino cheese with onion marmelade, bread, wine or water

Fruit and sweets

  • Comitato San Lorenzo Martire stand

    Seadas (typical sweet filled with cheese and served with honey), fresh fruit bowl

  • Pro Loco Thiesi stand

    Tericas (typical sweet filled with cooked grape-must)

salude & trigu event

“SALUDE & TRIGU” is the Framework Programme of the Sassari’s Chamber of Commerce that “intervenes in the tourist enhancement of cultural events and traditions in Northern Sardinia, with the specific objective of creating new opportunities for development and growth for local enterprises. An innovative programme, which offers beneficiaries the possibility of enhancing traditional events from a systemic point of view, favouring their qualitative improvement.”

The “Sagra della Cipolla Dorata di Banari” is an event organized by Proloco Banari and financed by “SALUDE & TRIGU”. It’s included in the program of the 50 best events in Northern Sardinia: “50 opportunities to discover a world of culture, enogastronomy and enchanting nature.”

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